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White Branch

Intake Assessment

Update: Unfortunately, I am not currently scheduling new clients.

The first appointment is a 75-minute intake assessment. The purpose of this session is to get to know you, your concerns, and your goals for therapy.


Before the intake assessment, I will provide you with some initial forms to read and sign. During the appointment, I will ask you questions to learn about your background, values, strengths, and challenges. My focus during this session is to determine what treatment would be most helpful for you given your current concerns. At the end of the intake assessment, I will make an initial treatment recommendation. 

If we decide to continue working together, then we will schedule another session. If I believe that someone else is more qualified to help with your particular concerns, I will provide referrals and help you get connected to an appropriate provider. The whole process is very collaborative, and we work together to figure out a course of action that helps you to address your concerns and meet your goals. 

Additional information about becoming a new client can be found on the new clients page.

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