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Friends & Family Workshops


These workshops are designed to provide psychoeducation to our broader community. Anyone is welcomed to sign up. You can read more about upcoming workshops and psychoeducation below. 

Upcoming friends & family workshops: 

  • 11/07/20 - Validation Workshop: Increasing Validation and Decreasing Invalidation 

  • 12/05/20 - Principles of Reinforcement and Behavior Change

My colleagues and I have decided to make these workshops more accessible by offering them at no cost. If you have the means to do so, please consider making a donation to a mental health charity. 


Validation Workshop: Increasing Validation and Decreasing Invalidation

This psychoeducation workshop will teach participants about validation, one of the most important skills for soothing emotions, de-escalating conflicts, and enhancing closeness in relationships.


Validation refers to communicating that someone’s experience is real and understandable; whereas, invalidation is conveying that someone’s experience is unacceptable or incomprehensible. In important relationships, it is useful to both increase validation (which helps relationships) and decrease invalidation (which harms relationships). 


This workshop will provide an introduction to validation skills for beginners, as well as an opportunity for practice and rehearsal for participants with more advanced knowledge.

Saturday, November 7th, 10am-1pm

Online (via Zoom)

Presented by Melissa Miller, Ph.D. & Caitlin Fang, Ph.D. 

To register, please contact info@cbtdurham.com or call (919) 283-6418

Please click the underlined text for the workshop brochure


Principles of Reinforcement and Behavior Change

This psychoeducation workshop will teach participants about reinforcement and punishment and how these responses increase or decrease future behaviors. 

When we respond to a behavior in a way that is reinforcing, we make that behavior more likely to occur again in the future. It's important to pay attention to how we are responding to effective and ineffective behaviors when helping loved ones make changes in their lives. 

Saturday, December 5th, 10am-12pm

Online (via Zoom)

Presented by Melissa Miller, Ph.D., Caitlin Fang, Ph.D., & Jennifer Buchholz, M.A. 

To register, please contact info@cbtdurham.com or call (919) 283-6418


 About Workshops and Psychoeducation

What is psychoeducation?

Psychoeducation is a term that refers to providing information about a mental health topic. It is a way to convey scientific knowledge, in an understandable manner, to people who can benefit from it. These types of workshops are brief, easy, (and fun) opportunities to learn about a topic related to mental health, emotions, or behavior. The instructors teach about important concepts, using videos, examples, and modeling to engage the participants in active learning.


How is psychoeducation different from therapy? 

Psychoeducation is not group therapy; it is similar to a class. Information is provided in an instructional and educational manner (on a high level, without much or any personal information being discussed). Some people who participate in psychoeducation workshops are also in ongoing psychotherapy and others are not. In order to participate effectively, a person just needs to have an interest in the topic and a desire to learn about it.

Who can benefit from psychoeducation? 

Some people who commonly participate in psychoeducation workshops are family members, professionals, and learners. For example, the family members of loved ones who struggle to regulate their emotions can often benefit from learning general scientific information about emotions. Professionals who regularly work with other people (e.g., attorneys, teachers, supervisors) can gain valuable information about how to relate more effectively to others. Other common participants are people who consider themselves “lifelong learners,” who simply find enjoyment in learning new information.

Do you offer private psychoeducation workshops? 

Yes, you can contact me to arrange a private psychoeducation workshop for your family, workgroup, or community. My psychoeducation team and I will work with you to provide a workshop that meets your specific goals for your group. 


To schedule an appointment with Melissa Miller, Ph.D., please contact: info@cbtdurham.com or (919) 283-6418

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all services are currently being provided by telehealth.